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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Light Practise

Remember our trip to the theatre? And my 'weird' bench photo's that hubby couldn't understand? Well, I did take two other photo's that hubby didn't get either...I must be weird.

He has these really cool sunglasses, I bought them for him so natrually they are awesome! But that is besides the point here. They were lying on the table where we sitting outside and I had a brainwave! Yes, it is possible for happy chappy's to have brain waves, and very good ones at that.

My brainwave was to try and photograph his sunglasses, playing with depth and light. I don't know about you, but I love seeing a photo that has been overexposed and has light, literally filtering in from all sides. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Anyway, I took the photo from an angle, so that the glasses took up the whole right hand side of the frame, which left only the left hand side open for an abundance of light. The photo below was my first attempt.

Clearly, I have my depth right, but not the light exposure. It just looks like a pair of awesomly cool sunglasses that were bought by a camera happy chappy for her husband. So I tried again, this time I went in really close to the glasses, focused on them and 'pulled' back. It allowed the light to penetrate deeper into the frame because I had forced the camera to focus on the glasses before taking other factors in to account. This is what I came up with.

It is a much better attempt, but I have lots of practising to do yet. I also think we should clean the glasses a bit more next time...just sayin.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pretty flowers and a naughty puppy....

...make for a lot of trouble.

Jenga, is our pekingnese puppy, we got her on the 9th of July at 8 weeks old. This makes her 18 weeks (4.5 months) on the day this photo was taken. Very cute looking. Innocent even. Lying down next to the pot of flowers.

But do not be decieved by the cunning of this little 'baby'. she is actually getting ready to pounce upon said flowers and devour them in their entirety!

Ok, so maybe she didn't devour them. She did eat a leaf though. A beautiful leaf. A leaf that could have lived out it's lifetime in the vase. For at least another week. sigh* Poor, poor Mr Leaf.


Monday, September 19, 2011

State Theater - Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

We visited the State theater in Pretoria on Saturday, wow. I loved seeing the buildings as we drove through Pretoria city, and the Jacaranda trees that literally almost line every street. The purpose of our visit was to watch the stage production that is currently being run there, called Ester (the Afrikaans version of Esther). It is about Hadassah, who became Esther, in the bible (read book - Esther).

Being my very first ever stage production viewing, I was most EXCITED :) We were not allowed to take photographs during the production, but I was able to take ample photographs in and around the actual theatre building while we waited for the production to start. here are a few of the lovelies :)

They have these really cool glass cases in which they have archived old costumes from past productions. Unfortunately I didnt get to take pics of all of them, maybe next month when we go to see the Russian ballet? I'll certainly do my best!

The light fixtures are so unique, I couldn't resist taking a photograph...notice the bulb that has blown? It reminds me of a photo bomb :) naughty light bulb.

There is a balcony on to which we could step during the break in the production and we utilised it both before the show and during the break. They have these lovely benches avaliable to sit on and a stunning view of some of the city building's. Pot plants make the area a bit more green and I fully enjoyed the photographic experience, despite my husband asking me why on earth I would want to photograph a bench... he just doesn't get it :) Either that or there really is something wrong with me!

I overexposed this shot and enhanced the colour richness in an editor. I really wanted the vibrancy of the buildings and interesting spike structure to stand out.

Loved these plants, so squidgy!

The Bench that caused the controversy...gasp!
The parentals with the big juicy kind hearts.

The children who loved every minute of it!

 Oh, and one last thing, I CAN drink tea like a posh lady...don't let anyone ever tell you different!

Catch you tomorrow with some more arty farty happenings!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea Time

Here in South Africa, it was Secretary's day yesterday. Though none of us ladies in the office I work in could be classified as secretary's, our company spoilt us to a day out of the office at a High Tea function. What a perfect photo opportunity :)

I packed the compact camera in my handbag that morning and set off to enjoy the spoil. I did take some regular people photo' know, the ones with the ladies :) and practised the art of depth photography on the fabulous treats that were placed before us. I think I did quite well and am impressed with how the photo's came out, they're going to make for a great scrapbook page :) My only regret is that we didn't ask anyone at the venue to take a photo of all five of us, wouldn't it have been great to give each one a framed pic of us? I guess I'm just nice like that sometimes.

Chocolate mousee was first up, yum yum!

Next up were tea stands filled with savoury's and sweets, we were ravenous though and kept looking out for more! despite how large the cupcakes may look in the photo, they were REALLY miniature!

When we visited the ladies room, I couldn't help myself, it is so clean and fresh and stunningly luxurious that I had to take a pic.

And how could I not show you the pics of us ladies? We had a lovely time OUT of the office and I am looking forward to our next escapade :)


Monday, September 5, 2011

Floral Fancy's

I took a couple of pictures this last weekend, a lot of them were complete randoms and special's for our family album...which will most prabably end up in a scrapbook soon...yes!

I also practised depth shots with a couple of early bloomers in our garden. Not too difficult to get right on the auto setting and I must admit my reluctance to go it solo (without the clever camera's asistance). One day people, one day!

So, for now, a little look into our garden...

And a pic of one of our German Shephard's...Max