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Monday, September 5, 2011

Floral Fancy's

I took a couple of pictures this last weekend, a lot of them were complete randoms and special's for our family album...which will most prabably end up in a scrapbook soon...yes!

I also practised depth shots with a couple of early bloomers in our garden. Not too difficult to get right on the auto setting and I must admit my reluctance to go it solo (without the clever camera's asistance). One day people, one day!

So, for now, a little look into our garden...

And a pic of one of our German Shephard's...Max



Cole Meyer said...

Can Max come play with Claudie?

Birdie said...

Depth on the flowers. I think you caught the depth of Max's gentle eyes. Don't send him to Cole's - he will be ringing bells when he comes home. Just saying.

Andaje said...

Photo treat day!! Thanks Petra :o)

Anne-Marie said...

Don't send Max to Birdie, just know what she does to poor animals, lol.
Gorgeous shots, P....depth indeed!
Can I come play in your garden?