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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea Time

Here in South Africa, it was Secretary's day yesterday. Though none of us ladies in the office I work in could be classified as secretary's, our company spoilt us to a day out of the office at a High Tea function. What a perfect photo opportunity :)

I packed the compact camera in my handbag that morning and set off to enjoy the spoil. I did take some regular people photo' know, the ones with the ladies :) and practised the art of depth photography on the fabulous treats that were placed before us. I think I did quite well and am impressed with how the photo's came out, they're going to make for a great scrapbook page :) My only regret is that we didn't ask anyone at the venue to take a photo of all five of us, wouldn't it have been great to give each one a framed pic of us? I guess I'm just nice like that sometimes.

Chocolate mousee was first up, yum yum!

Next up were tea stands filled with savoury's and sweets, we were ravenous though and kept looking out for more! despite how large the cupcakes may look in the photo, they were REALLY miniature!

When we visited the ladies room, I couldn't help myself, it is so clean and fresh and stunningly luxurious that I had to take a pic.

And how could I not show you the pics of us ladies? We had a lovely time OUT of the office and I am looking forward to our next escapade :)



Cole Meyer said...

What beauties you all are!! All lovely pics. I especially like the cupcakes -- following the handle down to the focal point and then the depth of field leading the eye out of the shot -- well done!

Birdie said...

Okay, first question is what is in the mousse that looks like dark lines running through it and then the accent yellow on the glass? The cupcake shot is very artistic! Beautiful women you work with P! Really! Maybe take camera to work and someone would be kind enough (boss?) to allow a "re-shoot" by taking new photo for you might gift away as it is an excellent idea.

Anne-Marie said...

Looks like you were all havin' waaaay too much fun....ha!
You really DO take stunning piccies, P.....that choccie mousse was almost within reach of my hot ickle fingers.
Agree that you really should get a group photo....beauties all....but then YOU wouldn't be shootin' it, wudya....HAAAA!

Andaje said...

And why wasn't I invited?? *LOL* Looks really nice and great that you had a good time :o)Cupcake shot #1 in my book, but the first one has some great circular effect - almost making it 3D: like the glass is popping out of the picture and closer to the spectator.